New Aquarium Planning

Choosing an aquarium involves a great number of decisions. We will help with the planning to make sure that your decisions will lead to an aquarium that is the both the focus of your home or office, and that it contains a thriving aquatic community.

Aquarium Mantenance

We take pride in our ability to help make your aquatic family feel at home. This means taking their home and making it a mirror image of what natural environment is. Weekly maintenance is required many cases we are here help! Fish are our friends and we would like keep it that way. We offer services to keep your friend in optimum health and can show you how to as well!

Aquarium Relocation

An aquatic system is as delicate as your own house hold. We can relocate or transport nearly any size system within our service area. Our goals are safety and efficiency. Maintaining stability and water quality in transit ensures minimal stress on your aquatic family and rapid system recovery.

We also offer to hold your friends if necessary to ensure their new environment is ready before we move them back in! This can make an aquarium relocation much less stressful. We can pick up all fish, corals, invertebrates, plants and live rock BEFORE the actual move day.

Set-up & Installation

Our goal is to provide the best aquarium setup & installation service in WNY. We help take your ideas & transforming them into reality. Our team will take care in bringing your dream to fruition from the ground up. This includes everything from building the foundation of your custom build to acquiring your new friends and transferring them to their new home. We will use nothing but the highest quality for your tank.

Saltwater to Freshwater Conversion

We know that a Saltwater aquarium can be challenging, which is why we offer a successful solution for your existing aquarium. We have the knowledge & ability to convert your aquarium into a beautiful & stress-free freshwater paradise. Freshwater aquariums require less frequent service & lower maintenance costs. We can provide fish from around the world that come in a variety of colors. We have many examples of fish and decor that will help you conceptualize a new dream aquarium!

Aquarium Removal

Sometimes aquariums can be a little taxing on our day to day lives. We don’t want our aquatic friends to suffer because we cannot maintain our aquariums. If you are moving and can’t bring the tank, we can help. Breaking down an aquarium can be as much work as setting one up, and can take some time. So the cost can be significant especially for a larger system.